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Welcome to GA4LE!

We are thrilled to be back at Jekyll Island for the GA4LE conference. This is always an encouraging time of meeting with our fellow workers in the AEC industry. We love to discuss what is taking place within the educational market and how we as a team of owners, architects, engineers, contractors, and suppliers can work together to create a successful project. The past few years have given us new and difficult circumstances to work through but we look forward to facing those challenges and coming out the other side better because of it. We have already seen the team pull together on multiple projects like never before to create wonderful spaces for the students that will use them. Come by our booth and say hello and come up with some good questions for the Tuesday morning seminar where we will have a panel made up of all of the team members to discuss how we can work together to overcome these present challenges. MBA's own Michael Kicher will have the honor of being on the panel and we are looking forward to it. See you there!

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