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We first look at the facility as a whole to determine the water, sanitary, and storm loads. We then coordinate with the civil engineer and structural engineers to determine the best locations for entrances and exits into and out of the building. This then allows us to proceed with a well coordinated design for the cold and hot water, sanitary and vent, and storm systems within the facility. We also design the gas systems for both plumbing and mechanical systems.

We also provide design services for specialty systems such as lab piping, welding gas piping, compressed air systems, grease traps, oil/water separators, and more.


We begin with the heat load analysis of the facility which leads us into discussion of system types that will best serve the spaces. We cover all system types from Rooftop units, to water source heat pump, to chilled water and hot water 4-pipe systems, to VRF, and on and on. We then look at outside air treatment and dehumidification options that will best provide a dry, comfortable, and most importantly healthy environment.

We also look at what would be best for the energy efficiency of the facility. All of these factors are used to provide an efficient and "best for the facility" design.

We also provide design services for specialty systems such as lab exhaust, welding labs, construction labs, automotive shops, and more.

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We have strategic partnerships with several well respected electrical firms that allow us to present a complete MEP solution to our clients. We work closely with our clients to provide all of their lighting and power needs. We also provide design services for fire alarm systems, emergency generators, low voltage, data, intercom, security, site lighting and power, and more.


Fire Protection

We work closely with the civil engineer to determine where the fire service will enter the building. We then design the fire sprinkler zones and specify the types of sprinkler heads to be used in the various space types in the facility. We also look at all requirements for stand pipes and if they are required we coordinate with the architect to ensure they are as unobtrusive as possible. We will do needed flow analysis to determine if a fire pump is required as well.


Building Studies

We do building studies to determine the requirements for upgrades or replacement on HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, and Fire systems. We will compile all data into a report that the client can then use to set budgets and plan future work. These studies can include life cycle cost analysis, energy studies, cost estimates, design analysis, smoke testing, video inspections, and more.

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